Cobalt the Hedgehog
Flames SA
|210px|Cobalt the Hedgehog drawn by MintsyWinterBlue]]
Cobalt the Hedgehog drawn by MintsyWinterBlue
First appearance ---

Game appearances ---
Real-world designer(s)
Creator (real-world) BlueFlametheAman
Artist(s) MintsyWinterBlue
Voice actor(s)
English voice actor(s) ---
Japanese voice actor(s) ---
Other language voice actor(s) ---
Biographical overview
Age 20
Physical description
Species Hedgehog
Gender Male
Height 100 cm (4'3")
Weight 80 kg (175 lb.)
Fur Blue
Skin Tan
Eyes Brown
Attire Red vest, black shirt, black pants, black gloves, grey socks and black and white shoes with red bottoms
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Chaotic Good

Likes ---

Dislikes ---

Skills, abilities and powers
Skills -Blue Fire Soul (Mixture of Fire and Dragon)

-Martial Arts

-Supersonic running speed


-Blue Fire Constructs


-Fast reflexes

-Three Chaos Emeralds (Purple, Grey and Yellow)

-Dragon Tamer

-Purple Sol Emerald

-Aura read

-Plasma Generation


Moves and techniques -Fire Spin Dash

-Fire Homing Attack

-Chaotic Eruption

-Chaos Inferno

-Chaos Armageddon

-Raging Dragon

-Dragon Boost

-Flame Shield

-Blue Rose

-Fire Sword

-Healing Flame

Ability type Speed

Cobalt the Hedgehog (ハリネズミのコバルト:Coboltu za Hejjihoggu) is a Fan Made character created by User and Wiki Founder BlueFlametheAman. Cobalt is a Freedom Fighter who is the ruler of the Lost World, an other dimension created using the time and space reality warping powers of the seven Chaos Emerald. Within the Lost World, Cobalt are created his own empire by his own hands known as the A Empire. The empire is made of an army of a thousand Koopatrol Soldiers, Magikoopa Mages, Hammer Engineers and Cobalt's Pokémon team. The goal of the empire is to travel to new worlds for exploration as well as to keep evil at bay.


Cobalt the Hedgehog pixel style by BlueFlametheAman


Cobalt in his Battle Armor


Cobalt in his true demon form


Cobalt in his pure soul of chaos form