Uytfwar We can't change the past but we can learn from it to enjoy the present and Decide our future Rawftyu -Josh the Cat, Sonic and the Flames Against Time

Josh the Cat
Josh the Cat by BlackFelineDarkness
Josh the Cat drawn by BlackFelineDarkness
First appearance Sonic and the Flames Against Time

Game appearances Sonic and the Flames Against Time
Real-world designer(s)
Creator (real-world) HiddenChaos
Artist(s) BlackFelineDarkness/Absolhunter251
Voice actor(s)
English voice actor(s) Ross Lynch
Japanese voice actor(s) Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Other language voice actor(s) Makir Lenvari
Biographical overview
Age 14
Physical description
Species Cat
Gender Male
Height 100 cm (3'3")
Weight 34 kg (74 lb.)
Fur Red, black, white
Skin White
Eyes Gold (or blue)
Attire Bright blue shoes with white cuffs, white gloves with sock-like cuffs
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Good

Likes - Blaze

- Cass

Dislikes - Eggman

- Eggman Nega

Skills, abilities and powers
Skills - Pyrokinesis

Moves and techniques - Pyro ball

Ability type All-Around

Josh the Cat (ジョシュキャット Joshu za Kyatto?) is a fictional character fan character made by HiddenChaos based off of the Sonic the Hedgehog series he is an anthopomorphic red cat with Pyrokinetic powers from the Sol dimension. He came to Mobius and was to stop the Unknown powers of fire and wind. As they followed someone they dropped a sol emerald to jump into a wrap hole to Sonic's world and trying to find out more.

Powers and AblilitesEdit


Josh's main ability to produce fire from his hands and control them at will. Like Blaze, Josh can summon fire and make them do whatever he pleases.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Josh's running speed is average within most sonic characters, which is super-speed. Making him able to stay on his toes and to keep up with Blaze the Cat.


Combat SkillsEdit

Josh's combat Skills are just like normal combat Skills except his include powerful hits that take people down very easily. It also has his Pyrokenesis powers involved. It is something that he is very proud of and still uses it today.


Josh the Cat has only a few weaknesses. Although not many physical weaknesses. He has a ton of emotional weaknesses.


Cass the Cat[2]Edit

Cass is Josh's partner and the two are from the Sol dimension. Both of them both have that energy and are not afraid to stick up for themselves. She was meeting him at age 15 and they fought together and once they made it to Mobius the two got closer to Sonic and his friends and made their connections with Blaze.

Silver the Hedgehog[3]Edit

Josh and Silver have a good friendship together and Josh treats Silver good most of the time knowing Blaze is good friends with Silver. Josh can be a bit jealous of Silver but knows that Blaze still loves him. Josh and Silver fight sometimes with each other or fighting to protect. Josh and Silver still respect one another and have a good friendship.


Josh the Cat pixel style by BlueFlametheAman