Uytfwar I'll do anything it takes to help you save the world, even if it costs me my life Rawftyu -Shanti the Hedgehog, Silver&Shanti: Fight Against Darkness
Shanti the Hedgehog
312px-Shanti by feline
Shanti the Hedgehog drawn by BlackFelineDarkness
First appearance Silver&Shanti: Fight Against Darkness

Game appearances Silver&Shanti: Fight Against Darkness
Real-world designer(s)
Creator (real-world) YourFutureIsMe (Shanti Leherisson)
Artist(s) BlackFelineDarkness/YourFutureIsMe
Voice actor(s)
English voice actor(s) Tara Strong
Japanese voice actor(s) Ayana Taketatsu
Other language voice actor(s) Unknown
Biographical overview
Age 13
Physical description
Species Hedgehog
Gender Female
Height 96 centimeters (3'2")
Weight 34 kg (75 lbs)
Fur Pink-purple, white
Skin Peach
Eyes Aqua blue
Attire Long-sleeved heather gray l T-shirt, short ruffled black skirt with dark greenish-blue shorts underneath, white gloves, dark grey metallic cuffs and hair tie, light white-blue boots with two darker blue stripes where the laces would normally be shifting apart near the bottom.
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Good

Likes - Silver

- Century - Tablita - Helping people in need - Keeping Century out of mischief - Defeating Dark Matter

Dislikes - Tablita (at first)

- Dark Matter - The headaches she gets from being infected - Seeing people in pain

Skills, abilities and powers
Skills - Hydrokinesis

- Cryrokinesis

Moves and techniques - Aqua Jump; high double jump by a blast of water at the ground.

- Ice Grind; she takes water and forms a grind rail and freezes it solid. - Ice torpedo; Shanti creates a chunk of ice then her and Silver use both their power to thrust it at the enemy.

Ability type All-Around

Shanti the Hedgheog (シャンティヘッジホッグ Shanti za Hejjihoggu?) is a fictional character fan character made by YourFutureIsMe based off of the Sonic the Hedgehog series she is an anthropomorphic pink-purple hedgehog with hydrokinetic powers. She is set to be part of Silver's future. She helps to stop Dark Matter from throwing the world into darkness. She was having bad dreams and headaches after she was infected by Dark Matter, she would have had the ability to stop Dark Matter if she knew what she had inside of her. She has had a crush on Silver ever since she met him, she felt like she wanted to curl up in a ball and die when she was talking to him and her head started hurting. Her personality can be somewhat mixed from time to time; she is shy around new people, and a little more outgoing with friends, she is kind and wants to help others. If she can do something to save the world, she'll do it. But sometimes she can feel uncertain about herself.

Concept and CreationEdit


Concept art of Shanti in her original design.

Shanti has been though many stages of development with many different styles.

Old disignEdit

In her prototype she was going to be dark grey with purple eyes but that was completely scrapped. In her official original design she had a aqua green vest, grey-blue eyes three long strands of hair in front and a thinner hair tie that held two long and thin bunches of hair.

New disignEdit

Shanti's n
New Shanti

Shanti's official design

ew design is mostly the hair. But she has new clothes too.Many little things were changed