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Main RulesEdit

Be nice to other as you would want to be treated yourselfEdit

This rule apply to everyone and really explains it's self.

Linking things that are inappropriateEdit

Linking anything with swearing is okay if you give a warning

Linking things with sexual themes is not allowed

Linking things with gore is allowed with a more specific warning, like if you were going to link something from Happy Tree Friends you would say "[insert link] Warning contains high amounts of cartoon violence/gore" but if you were going to link something like a creepy zombies or something like that (and it depends on how much blood or stuff is in it) you might say "[insert link] has realistic zombies and a lot of realistic gore"

Language and inappropriate subjectsEdit

While we are all 13+ that does not give us automatic rights to talk about anything. Swears that are allowed are "Damn, Hell, Piss, Crap", others must be censored, examples: "f***" "**s" "*****" "Sh*t". As long as one or more letters are censored it should be fine. If you acidentally said an uncensored word then if you say you didn't mean to you will not be kicked. If you say an uncensored word you will be warnned, if you do it again then you get a kick and if you do it after that another, if you do not stop then you will be banned for 2 hours. Mildly inapropriate jokes are okay as long as they are not dissused for too long and stay mild.

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