If you would like to be promoted the tell us what rights you want! But be aware that Rights abuse will not be tolerated. And we can't have everyone be a mod because what's the point of that? And so put the rights and why you want them/what you would do with them and how that would help the wiki. Set up your nominations by using this thingy

===[[User:Username|Username]] (rank requested)===
<small>[[User:Username|Username]] ([[User talk:Username|talk]]): [[Special:Contributions/Username|Contributions]] [[Special:EditCount/Username|Edit Count]]</small><br>

Short section describing nominee's suitability for rank requested. Signature of nominator to be included at end of the paragraph, along with the date of nomination.

*For nominations by other users only, a single bulleted paragraph by the nominee accepting the nomination. Signature of nominee to be included at end of paragraph.



*Comments in short, signed, bulleted paragraphs.
**Responses to specific comments should be offset with an extra asterisk. Responses should also be short, signed, single paragraphs.

(side note: Make sure to sign your nomination especially if you are nominating someone else)

Remember if you want to be an admin then you have to have a reason to have these rights. Why? Because if you are not going to use the rights then why have them?

When will I get the rights? Well if what you and the supporters have a good point and it seems logical to me and whoever becomes an admin in the future then in 10 hours to a week you'll have the rights ;D

Okay all nominations go below this line

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