• WARNING THIS MESSAGE IS GETTING RAGE OUT AND PLEASE DO DO NOT BE HURT BY ANYTHING SAID HERE GeekyEverAfter I told you to not engage in anything like that, BUT OOOOH YOU COULDN'T LISTEN TO ME BECAUSE I'M JUST A LITTLE 14 YEAR OLD GIRL, well that is bull, I went and I watched youtube, heck I didn't even know any of the serious banhappydude stuff was happening, IF YOU HAD DONE THE SAME YOU WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN BANNED but nooooooooOOOoooo you think your way is beeeest WHELL DO YOU SEE WHERE IT'S GOTTEN YOU NOOOOW BOOOY??? YOU ARE B A N N E D because you had to be part of that, I was in the chat at the time but I WAS IGNOOORRRRRRING IT and am IIII banned? N O P E So maybe NEXT time someone starts breaking rules you'll take my advice, maybe even report them

    AND NO, I'M NOT THIS PERFECT DO-GOODER AND I'M NOT SAYING I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING I WASN'T SUPPOSED TO but I stopped and I know when I little bit of fun can evolve into a BIG HUGE mess, now...

    Geeky I love you, I do love you a lot, but if you do this again you could get banned for longer, and I would be really upset if you did, THIS is why I want to be able to close the f chat down, because IF you get too comfortable doing baaad things then you will feel less of an urge to NOT do them in other places, it's like your brain is unconsciously saying "well, I've done it before, so why not now?" but it's unconsciously so your brain doesn't know the consequences... and... I don't want anything to happen to you

    Also the first part of the message was written in high rage so I sound angry ;)

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